Different wheel finishes

Wheel choices are made according to the types of wheel finishes there are. A wheel design come in many combination of metal finishes, polishes sizes, colours and spokes, but the major classification of wheels is determined by how the surface is treated in order to achieve the polish type and colour desired. Each wheel finishing has its own features, so if you are not sure what kind of wheel you are looking forward to purchase, having a clear understanding of each wheel finishing may help you compare their qualities and enable you pick the wheel that suits your style. There are 6 basic kinds of wheel finishing: the Chrome-plated finish, Powder-coated finish, Machine/clear coated finish, PVD finish, Bare-polished finish and the painted finish.

  1. The chrome-plated finish – this type is the showiest of them all, with a mirror-like reflection. If you are looking for something flashy, the chrome-plated wheels are your best bet. The wheels are coated with layers of nickel, copper and lastly, chromium for shine and reflection.
  2. Powder-coated finish – there are lots of colour choices for this type of wheels but when one has been used, a recoating isn’t necessary. It is resistant to rust, heat, scratching and chipping, as it uses a dry paint and heat technique for its finishing process, where the ground colour particles and resin are charged with electric and sprayed onto the wheels. Then afterwards the finished wheel is baked in a curing oven.
  3. Machine/clear-coated finish – here, a thin layer of metal is scrapped off the wheel for a brighter appearance, and then the wheel is coated with a sealant to prevent it from corroding. It can be used on many wheel finishes as an additional touch.
  4. PVD finish – this means Physical Vapour Deposition. This type competes with the chrome-plated in shine. It is first coated with a primer than with a thin metallic coating, suing advanced electrical bonding method, then lastly it is coated with clear acrylic powder for protection. It is lighter than Chrome-plated wheels and consumes less energy during production.
  5. Bare-polished finish (with or without coating) – the wheels are buffered to smoothness and clear coated for shine or machine-polished to a reflective shine without coating. They are also lighter than chrome-plated wheels and enhance car handling.
  6. Painted finish – this uses wet paint for its finish and a clear top coat for protection of the paint finish. They come in many varieties of colours like silver, black, hot pink red, etc.

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