Ford Mustang – Muscle Car of the Ages

Henry Ford, the founder of the Henry Ford Company which later went on to become luxury autocar manufacturer Cadillac Motors, founded Ford Motors as his second venture in the hopes of delivering a vehicle for the hopes and dreams of the middle class. Branded as the affordable supreme of the 20th century, Ford had become a giant soon after its establishment within the automotive industry. In 1962, the Ford Mustang 1, successor to the Ford Falcon had become the first concept compact american made car of the long hood sporty coupes. A two seater that looked as if it were straight out of the pages of a Philip K. Dick novel or a Ridley Scott’s sci-fi magnum opus Blade Runner, caught the public eye in masses and went on to undergo 3 generations of reevaluation before becoming the first muscle car in 1965, The Ford Mustang.

Birthing of copycats

Spinning multiple impostors or to put it nicer inspiring other competitors of the similar design to spur off classic vehicles such as the Camaro from the other American muscle car magnate Chevrolet, Pontiac’s attempt with the Firebird, the Dodge challenger and others including Chrysler and Toyota.

Sixth generation and current format

Although undergoing massive changes in engine housing and other major internal updates every 15 years or so after 1979, the current generation of Mustangs unveiled in 2013 and issued from 2015 show a complete revamp of the design. Starting from the headlights and the long body hood that has shortened to the carbon fibre chassis and an interior of chiffon stitched across the dash, the Mustang now houses two variants of either a 3.7 litre V6 or a 5.0 litre V8 with ecoboost. Appearing in numerous sightings in popular culture especially that of 1980’s romance flicks, the Mustang shall remain reigning in the hearts of motor enthusiasts.

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