Ford’s History

Motorworld Juggernauts with the Future in Mind

Founded by Henry Ford and headquartered in suburban Detroit, Michigan, Ford is one of the world’s harbingers within the automotive industry. American born and bred, the company’s commercial vehicles are sold under the Ford trademark since its incorporation in 1903. With well over a century of worth of experience in automobile ingenuity, Ford has been a stringent vehemence in innovation since the coined term Fordism, which was greatly aided by the reputation solidified by incorporation of the moving assembly lines in 1914. Throughout history Ford has bred a multitude of other monstrous manufacturers within its industry such as its former stakes in Aston Martin, sold off subsidiaries such as Jaguar, Volvo and even Land Rover.
Ford, the runners up only to General Motors in being the largest automobile manufacturer from the United States and 5th largest internationally, employs over 200 thousand employees producing over 6.6 million vehicles and has an annual revenue of $156 billion (USD) based on the 2017 fiscal year.

Baby steps and a role to play

Starting off with their first ever mass produced car and regarded as the first affordable auto vehicle, the Model T started rolling out in 1908 and continued production upto 1927. With contributions in superconductivity and scientific research in quantum interference through the establishment of SQUID labs in 1951, Ford has played an essential role in continuation of the Manhattan Project.

Progressive steps towards a clean future

Ongoing production of the Ford Fusion hybrid electric plug-in vehicles initiated what many considered an avalanche effect into the realm of hybrid cars for major motor manufacturers due to the popularity of the vehicle in Europe and Australia. Along with compressed natural gas engine productions and concurrent research into hydrogen based cells for a sustainable future in the industry, Ford certainly think far and beyond their endeavours of commercialisation.

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