The Ford F3 – The Blasphemy

The Rat Rod from the 50’s with an attitude

Chris Lee, the creator of this incredible build is a kid from the mid ‘80’s. During the ‘90’s he was very into cars. Starting from the simple builds and mods he would watch his father crank out in their garage. SR20’s WRX’s and even Sentras were all his top priority dream cars. Getting very into bolt ons and Subarus he grew up, he kept his passion for cars alive through thick and thin all the time. But he ended up building something so out of the box and out of the blue for his character for his first ever, a Ford pickup. This post World War 2 era vehicle was made new and given a shiny new rust. It is ingenious in every way possible and a marvel to look at up close. Fitted with a new Toyota engine, a transmission from Nissan sedan, completely new chassis handcrafted from the ground up and a new gearbox too. There were talks of even putting a 6.0 litre V8 to outgun everything else, but that’s still in the works as of right now. Nicknamed “Blasfamous”, the owner describes the vehicle as a “homegrown mess” and a “literal manifestation of an anxiety attack up close”. IT does resemble something straight of the “Thunderdome” from Mad Max.

Any attempt at making one’s very own rat rod would prove that it definitely isn’t as easy as it seems. As there are no blueprints to follow it is mostly if not completely up to your ingenuity to make this come together. It was a complete reverse process as the project started off with building makeshift parts and putting them together and then drawing an outline of where to place each component. The radiator and the doors were a hassle to put together and weld as it is quite an old design. But the end result paid off better than anyone could’ve hoped for.

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